Cascade Family Practice Comments Would Recommend
Everything was excellent. Will definately recommend this place to others. [visit for CHRISTINA THURSTON] 100%
Also I would like to comment on Vicki on Front desk. When you walk into office you are met by a happy front area with a smile on their face. I do not dread going to Doctor anymore.I feel like everybody is concerned and wants to help. The staff is great [visit for CHANTELL WILLIAMS, NP] 100%
RONALD ELLSWORTH, MD Comments Would Recommend
Dr. Ellsworth is the kind of physician everyone hopes for. Our community is most fortunate to have him here. 100%
Dr. Ellsworth is n amazing doctor. He has always had excellent rapport with me. He is extremely knowledgeable and informative. He always takes his time with me and never rushes to get through my appointments. He definitely cares about about me and ALWAYS addresses any concerns and questions I have. He is the same with my husband and son. I am very lucky to have him as my PCP. I would recommend him to anybody looking for a GREAT PCP [commented on 8/3/2018 10:08:40 AM Eastern Standard Time] 100%
Dr. Ellsworth diagnosed my condition and prescribed medication for it. He said if I was not at least 80% better in 4 days I needed to come back to follow up with chest xrays. I was very satisfied with the care I got. 90%
CHANTELL WILLIAMS, NP Comments Would Recommend
Great provider, great staff, I had a very positive experience. 100%
Chantell is sincere about treating me, like I am part of her family. 100%
Chantell is a very caring provider 100%
She is a very caring and informed medical provider. We were impressed by her skills and knowledge of our medical history and followed up on everything we talked aboit 90%
I have never encountered a more caring provider. I feel completely at ease, Chantell listens intently to all my concerns and she tries to come up with a solution. Chantell has a giving caring attitude that I have never seen before. I really am spoiled, because I do not want to see anyone else besides her except in emergency Tyler has that quality also. I am so blessed to have Chantell as my caregiver. Love you, ******* ****** 100%
CHRISTINA THURSTON Comments Would Recommend
Absolutely charming and professional! 100%
It was an absolute pleasure to work with Christina. She gave me solid confidence that she cared about me and my health, and had the knowledge to deal with any health issues that may arise. 100%
She makes me feel so at ease. I like the tidbits of information I have gleaned as Christina interacts with me and addresses my medical concerns and conditions. She gives me choices and explains them. 100%
Staff was pleasant upon check in. Facility was clean. Excellent patient care. I will definately recommend to others! 100%
Christina was very professional and personable. 100%
MARC NAGEL, PA Comments Would Recommend
I felt very comfortable right off 100%
Awesome with my son! He actually asked to go back to see him a few days later. 100%
Marc is a very aggressive and dedicated in helping his patients get the health care we needed for a long time. 100%